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“Hello everyone. I’m R. Michael Gordon and this is my writing website. Everyone is welcome, so come on in and have a look around. Stay as long as you like. I hope you find something you enjoy. As always work of the pen is ongoing, so I will be adding some verbiage here and there as time goes on. After all, we all have our stories to tell. Here you will find some fiction, some non-fiction, a poem or two, and even a mouse. So come on in and try a page or two. I hope you will come by often to visit and sit a spell. If not it was nice to have you stop in at the R. Michael Gordon website. Just remember to keep turning those pages and keep searching for that special book you always wanted to read. Thanks for dropping by.” RMG.

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“Atmospheric Global Cooling Data”
“The Aftermath of the War of the Worlds”
“The Trial of Jack the Ripper”
“The Kennedy Assassination”
“JFK’s Killer Finally Revealed”
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