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Want To Publish My Titles?

Here Is Your Chance.

Attention Publishers: We are seeking a publisher for R. Michael Gordon’s latest works.  In this submission, there are several publishing opportunities.  These include Science Fiction, Historic True Aviation, Historic True Crime, Science History, Children, Original Script Made For TV Mini Series and Jack the Ripper Board Game.

Original script for possible mini-series “Trial of Jack the Ripper”

Never before seen actual accounts.  Open for 1 of 5.

In Their Own Words: Pearl Harbor

The Aftermath of the War of the Worlds.

Before He Was Jack! The Early Days of Jack the Ripper with an

Overview of Historic Serial Murder.

In Their Own Words: The Americans At D-Day.

The Kennedy Assassination.  November 22, 1963.

 The Ancient Stars Above and Man’s Historic Exploration of Mars.

Henrietta: The Christmas Mouse.

Board Game: The Hunt for Jack the Ripper.

Gustave Whitehead, America’s Forgotten First Flyer.

The Republic of California – 1836 to 1842.  The Story of How California From Its Earliest Times Became Part Of The United States of America.

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