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Attention Publishers: We are seeking a publisher for R. Michael Gordon’s latest works.  In this submission, there are several publishing opportunities.  These include Science Fiction, Historic True Aviation, Historic True Crime, Science History, Children, Original Script Made For TV Mini Series and Jack the Ripper Board Game.  Send email to

Hunt for Jack The Ripper!!! Boardgame.

Can you recall those moments when we gathered around the table, engaging in a classic board game? If not, I invite you to experience the ultimate Hunt for Jack The Ripper Board Game. Click on image below to access the files for download, printing and playing.

Remember to enjoy yourself, involve the whole family, and test your skills in uncovering Jack’s true identity!

Board Game: The Hunt for Jack the Ripper.

Original script for possible mini-series “Trial of Jack the Ripper”

Never before seen actual accounts.  Open for 1 of 5.

An Historic Chronology of America’s Apollo Program

Skylab in Earth orbit

The Age Old Dream of Skylab:

The long road from Mankind’s first look at the Heavens

to America’s first Manned Space Station and Beyond

Skylab in Earth orbit

In Their Own Words: Pearl Harbor

The Aftermath of the War of the Worlds

is presented in its entirely on our “Reader’s Corner” in its original four book

series with over 2,700 reader hits.

Before He Was Jack! The Early Days of Jack the Ripper with an

Overview of Historic Serial Murder.

Manuscript review by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd ® 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AAI wrote:

 “Having read all the reports and taken note of the editors’ opinions, we can safely say that we found it to be a powerful and remarkable read. The Board was keen to comment on your ability to educate even the less experienced reader on the subject. Your analysis on history and facts makes your work a compelling and attractive read, showing the author’s deep knowledge and understanding. The assured writing style, attention to detail, and clarity of the arguments set out in the work, make this one that will intrigue and fascinate the target audience. Ultimately, the work is felt to be of ambitious scope, a worthy addition to the genre, and it would have a place in the market.”

In Their Own Words: The Americans At D-Day.

The Kennedy Assassination.  November 22, 1963.

 The Ancient Stars Above and Man’s Historic Exploration of Mars.

Daniel Waterman Editor-in-Chief, The University of Alabama Press 

“It looks like a fascinating book project. I think it will be a compelling read…”


Henrietta: The Christmas Mouse.

Gustave Whitehead, America’s Forgotten First Flyer.

The Republic of California – 1836 to 1842.  The Story of How California From Its Earliest Times Became Part Of The United States of America.

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